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Medisch-specialistisch B12 kennisinstituut en behandelcentrum

The B12 Association in Norway


The B12 Association in Norway, “B12-Foreningen”, was established in 2018, and the association aims to:

  • Be an information channel for members of the B12 Association.
  • Inform and guide so that the patient group can get the best possible help for treatment by increasing the level of knowledge for each individual patient.
  • Monitor new research, national and international guidelines for treatment and pass this on.
  • Contribute to better communication and understanding between professional environments and patients.

B12-Foreningen has contact with researchers and doctors at home and abroad, as well as Norwegian health organizations.

B12-Foreningen has contributed with images to "The Norwegian Electronic Medical Handbook", which in turn has published this in medical handbooks in Norway, Sweden, Poland and Germany.

B12-Foreningen has entered a partnership with “Blodsjekk AS”, a private company that offers blood test packages with analysis.

One board member, Wenke Nilssen, has on a private initiative organized group trips to the "B12-Kliniek" in Amsterdam since 2018, where Dr. Auwerda has been of invaluable help. Members of the B12 association have priority on these trips. So far, over 60 patients from Norway have received help in the Netherlands via Wenke's group tours.